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The Cambodian Daily – June, 3rd 2008

Found this tidbit of news – I am unable to validate from the actual “Cambodian Daily” news site, but I’ll post it anyway as I think it is fairly accurate (except for eye being removed — I don’t know about that).

Chea Ratha Denies Involvement in Acid Attack
The Cambodia Daily 2008-06-02 Wanted as the suspected ring leader in a May acid attack, Chea Ratha, who recently was removed as national military police deputy chief of staff, claimed Sunday that she is innocent. Ya Soknim, 35, suffered disfiguring injuries in the May 6 attack and had to have an ear and an eye removed by doctors in Vietnam. The Victim’s family members previously accused Chea Ratha of threatening them with violence following a lover’s quarrel with Ya Soknim’s niece, In Solyda.

Updates From Myanmar (Burma)

June 25, 2008 1 comment

We have been receiving regular updates from our friends in Myanmar in the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis.  I will post his email and other material (with some content removed for security purposes).

Dear Brothers,
Please find the attached file to read an update from our relief effort or update from Cyclone Nargis. Even though the governvent does not really give aid to the intended people, we have been able to give it to the real people along with the Gospel. This relief aid have been used as a bridge to build longterm relationship with various group of people.
John 11:25 and John 13:35 were written above an envelop in which we placed money and we hand this envelope over to the people. So, they can read it. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God (Roman 10:17).
Please continue to remember us in your prayer. 
Thank you once again for being such a help to us especially at this time. Share this letter one that you know.
I also need to inform you that we are going to Bogalay area ( an area destroyed badly by cyclone nargis) tomorrow morning and will be there for two or three days. I will be away from home then.
Sincerely in Christ,
== Excerpt From Newsletter ==

Relief aid distributed after the Cyclone Nargis hit

It was back in the 2 and 3rd of May that the cyclone nargis 
hit hard Yangon, the capital of Myanmar, our country. It destroyed 
so much of the trees and many were dead as a result. But in the 
midst of this terrible destruction and of darkness we were able to 
find a privilege to be a light that shines in the midst of darkness by 
showing to them the love of God and our love for them in the 
We were not alone in distributing aid but we are also one of 
those sincerely involved in the distribution of aid to the people 
who are in desparate need. But we were able to do this simply 
because of your donations and prayer supports. 
We placed money into the envelope and wrote John 11:25, 
John 13:35 and gave it to more than 30 families. Before we dis- 
tributed, we were able to have a prayer for them. I hope that the 
following pictures will speak to you on how we distributed aid.

Change In Plans – Coming Home Early…

June 21, 2008 1 comment

Sometimes it’s hard to know why the Lord changes our direction so abruptly.  I have had a few updates come in from Tim, but have not had a chance to post them yet.  The Lord has been moving in such a mighty way!  (I have posted one update below)

One more email came in today – and that was that Tim was coming home early.

His mother is not doing well and her body appears to be shutting down now.  Tim made it to Calcutta, India but never left the airport to start the next conference.  I know how much his mother means to him and what an integral part she played in Tim’s life before he became a believer (obviously the Lord used her).  Tim is making his way back as I write this – thankfully so far, the airlines have been very good and flexible thus far.  I expect he’ll arrive in the next day or two.

Please keep him and his wife in your prayers.  His mother knows this is only her temporary home – soon she will be in her heavenly home.

Isaiah 55:8-9 (NKJV)

      “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, 
are your ways My ways,” says the LORD. 
as the heavens are higher than the earth, 
      So are My ways higher than your ways, 
      And My thoughts than your thoughts.”


Email from June 20th, 2008

Brothers and Sisters,

We have left Vietnam and have  great news concerning Vibol and Soknim with interviews from both of them. I now have the story completely clear and anxious to share with you our Lord’s abundant grace and healing power in them. We were able to distribute all the funds to them to help with their medical expenses. THANKS! 

Dan is now home in USA and I am in India (Chennai, Bangalore & Calcutta) overwhelmed with the mighty movement of our Lord using His sufficient and omnipotent Word. The time I am spending with Lamech, Daniel and Santosh is rich as I get to hear firsthand how the Lord is using them to grow and expand His Church all over India through the CPM tool. To God be the Glory!

Day 17 – India

Just a quick update from Tim in India – he does not have much time to write and internet connections are pretty poor where he is.  I’m hoping to have an update on his Vietnam trip soon!

“Don’t have time for a long report, but it is simply unreal and I say, “unreal.”  These two brothers [in India] represent five languages already have the CPM published.  Their testimonies are beyond amazing brother! God is raising up hundreds of key leaders to take the ball and run with it.  I have attempted to record some [on my camera] but there is too much!  I cannot take it all in except to say the more I seek to honor Christ, the more He expands this ministry and grows His Church… Tim”

How fitting that the verses for today (day 17 – Dale Morgan put this together) are:

2 Corinthians 2:14-15 (NKJV)

Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.  For we are to God the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing.

June 12th Update on Soknim

It’s been a busy week – I received this email from Vibol (with some editing for grammar) earlier this week, but I am just now posting it.

I have also not heard much from Tim.  I know because of their delay – they have been keeping a very tight schedule and are often up really early and going to bed very late.   I’m sure I will have lots more to write in the coming days.

For now – here is the latest on Soknim:

To : Dear Brother and Sister in Christ
Date : 12 June 2008
Place : Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City
Hospital :Cho Ray
Blessing of the Lord Jesus Christ almighty God to you and your ministry.
Thanks for your love and prayers for my wife Soknim.  As you know I can feel that it is really the Lord moving by His anointing power of healing upon her.

Here is news update regarding Soknim’s health:
After 33 days in Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City of Cho Ray Hospital, for the 3rd time now, she has been operated on her ear, breast, chest and right hand (this is the second operation for the hand) and doctor said operate 1 more times, it will be 4th on the back and neck and ear and hope it will be the last of her operations today 9:30am time in Vietnam. 

From now we may stay at least one month if the sickness can be heal fast, if not more than that ….I would like to ask you all to continue in your prayer more and more.  My family and I are very appreciative so much for your prayers below:
1-For her health be strong
2-For her wound not so painful
3-For her wound operated quickly heal in during the time of curing in hospital
4-For her wound will be operate well and fast healing
5-For her right ear has been operated can be new transplant
6-For her right face, right chest can be transplant
7-For her right ear inside not being damaged, because now we don’t know yet.
8-Pray for her health be good with blessing of God now and next 5-6 months of the flesh processing reproducing new flesh and new skin (from the skin grafts).
9-For Our security while we are in Hospital here in Vietnam, because attacker may follow us here too.
10-For our Children and family security at home in Cambodia to avoid from attacker as well.
11-Prayer that God bless attacker with his blood and forgiveness and cast out evil from them.
12-Continue to pray for our expense needs in Vietnam for hospital healing continue

Finally, my family and I thank God our almighty with love and thanks for all your prayers and support.
In Father Love
Pastor, Vibol and Soknim

How Strong Is Your Church?

Newsletter taken from IMD International –     

The Apostle Paul spent far more time and effort in strengthening local expressions of Christ’s body than in bringing new people to faith in Christ.   

• Are leaders being equipped and deployed in your church? 

• Does your church find itself multiplying congregations? 

• Is the Biblical model of multiple elders active in your church? 

• Would you say the practices of your church match those of the early church as described in the book of Acts and Paul’s letters in the Bible? 

There are timeless, supra-cultural principles to be harvested from the work of the Holy Spirit as see in the book of Acts and the epistles of Paul in the New Testament.  Churches across the world are returning to the Scriptures to “check their alignment” with God’s purposes and practices.  God has brought to the surface in recent years some resources to help guide spiritual thirsty churches in this search for Biblical alignment. One such resource is God’s Plan For Church Planting.  

The title is somewhat misleading—church planting.  The manual actually walks the participants through the New Testament books of Acts and Paul’s letters.  Thus, those going through the guided study of God’s Word discover (under God’s revelation) God’s timeless, supra-cultural principles for establishing, equipping, evangelizing, and expanding the body of Christ. 

 This resource is being grabbed up by the body of Christ — now    in fourteen languages and three more immediately forthcoming.  

Why don’t you get a copy of God’s Plan For Church Planting and  let God walk you through His Word for a “spiritual alignment?” 

 Contact Jim at IMD PRESS to make your order. 

Pray For Soknim – Update #2

I received this email below from Vibol on how his wife is doing.  Please continue to lift them all up in your prayers!


-Soknim now has had a second operation.  After this second operation, she little weak than first operation,because she could not sleep much and had so many dream.
-Her wounds after two operations are more painful with reaction to the Acid attack.
-Saturday and Sunday not many doctors or nurses at all to visit the patients and she had pain we don’t know how we can do …just only cry and pray to God for healing and miracle of God.
-For myself, I am also sick now with a strong fever and all red spot on my body as well and very itchy on my body.  When I take shower more is ok, but if I don’t take much shower that is so itchy and pain, but that is ok with me I can withstand for all of these becuase all of you always keeping me in your love and prayers.
-For my children and family back home they are fine, but not yet go to school because the situation not yet finished and those who attacked and people behind the attack have not been arrested.
Blessing to you all.
Bro.Vibol and family