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Soknim Recovering

It’s been awhile since I have posted anything on Soknim.  I have received an update and she is doing well considering the amount of surgery she has had.  Please see the note from Vibol below:

July 14th, 2008

Greeting in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ almighty God and Savior.

Here is updating regarding with Soknim.
-Today evening we went and met with Doctor.
-Tomorrow we will go and stay in Hospital and Soknim will get checked again on her wounds
-Soknim will have surgery again this week on her eye and spot for skin graft had been removed because of the pus so many spot.
-Doctor said on her neck and shoulder will be on the next 3 month further as well.
Prayer reguests:
1/God protect on her eye when Doctor is going to surgery in this week.
2/God heal on wound fast and skin scaft on the wound again full of blessing and good
3/Wisdom of God shall be blessing Doctor during operation time
4/Protection of God during we are staying hospital from evil spirit attack in the spiritual realm.
5/Protection of God on family and children back home safe and security from always.
6/Blessing of God on Soknim having enough blood and strength for this coming surgery.
7-For children,now they in home did not out from home at all and just rent teacher to teach in home 2 hours everyday and God bless for coming soon no more fear or threat at all from evil doer.
Thank you so much for all of your prayer support.
Let the Power of God almighty be glorified always on His Children.
In His Love
Brother.Vibol and Soknim

Church Planting Manual On Sale @!

On June 27th, Jim from IMD Press informed us that the CPM went on sale at Amazon!  This is a very exciting moment for us as we see God using this material in many ways!  It is now available to more people who are wanting to pull back from the “mainstream” church planting ideas and get back to the simple plan that God has for each one of us in the church body.  Recognizing that Christianity is not a Western religion – or an American “white man” religion, but rather a personal relationship with Christ that crosses all boundaries, cultures, nations and tongues.  

Check it out here on Amazon:   

You can also purchase the manual direct from IMD Press here:  

IMD Press
God’s Plan For Church Planting