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Brief Soknim Update

September 23, 2008 Leave a comment

I received an email from Brother Vibol in Cambodia regarding his wife, Soknim.  We continue to pray for her as she recovers from her burns.

Dear Chris and family
Blessing to you all and thanks for all of you love and pray for me and my wife and family.
Now Soknim in Vietnam for her neck and eye sergery and ear will be later and minor sergery.
-Children now when to private school as well for their security
-For me fine by the grace of the Father in heaven
Blessing you my love brother.
Vibol and family


Please continue to keep them in your prayers!

Series of Explosions Kill at Least 8 in India as Militant Muslim Group Claims Responsibility

September 13, 2008 Leave a comment

Click Here –> FoxNews Article

This is the park and business area where Kevin and I were last Sunday and met the two pastors from Orissa State. We notice that security was on high alert and now we know why. 

I do not always understand how God’s uses our prayers. For instance, the church was praying for the captivity of James and Peter in Acts 12, James was killed and Peter was miraculously released. Nevertheless, we pray and continue to pray. Thanks for your prayers and partnership in the Gospel. 

Safe and Secure in Christ, 


INDIA: Attacks and ‘Reconversions’ Continue in Orissa

September 13, 2008 Leave a comment

From this article here: CompassDirect
The spate of anti-Christian violence that began following the killing of a Hindu
leader on 23 August in Orissa’s Kandhamal district continued yesterday, despite
a stream of meetings by Christian and rights groups with high government

According to the Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI), more than 20 houses
belonging to Christians from the Orissa Follow-Up ministry (OFU) in Khajuripada
village in Kandhamal were set on fire last night. The Rev. Dr. D.B. Hrudaya of
the OFU told EFI that the whereabouts of the 20 families whose houses were
destroyed were unknown and that he was “deeply concerned.”

Earlier in the day, around 70 families in four villages – Bogapada, Boriguda,
Kuttiguda and Danniguda – in Kandhamal were forcibly ‘reconverted’ to Hinduism
by Vishwa Hindu Parishad (World Hindu Council or VHP) extremists.

On Sunday (7 September), a mob of around 2,000 people attacked a church during
the morning worship service in Bhudainjal village in another district,
Kalahandi, reported EFI. While the church members were able to flee, the
attackers caught hold of two church workers and assaulted them.

“When the three-month pregnant wife of one of the men tried to rescue her
husband, one person in the mob kicked her in the stomach,” EFI reported. “She
was admitted to the Kathiguda Government Hospital.”

In the afternoon, the mob burned a day care centre in nearby Bamnichatra
village. The crowd also stole items worth around 10,000 rupees ($280 AUD) from
the centre before setting it on fire.

There were also reports of Hindu extremists poisoning the water at relief camps
in Kandhamal.

“An attempt to poison the drinking water source of the relief camp in Habaq High
School in G. Udayagiri village, Kandhamal was foiled by an alert security guard
at 9 pm on 2 September,” EFI said in a statement.

The water of another relief camp in Vijay High School in Raikia, Kandhamal was
reportedly poisoned last Wednesday (3 September). Six Christians fell ill from
the toxicity and were taken to hospitals, according to EFI.

The violence in Orissa began following the killing of a VHP leader, Laxmanananda
Saraswati, and four of his disciples on 23 August in his ashram (religious
centre) in the Jalespeta area of Kandhamal district. A Maoist group claimed
responsibility for the killings, but the VHP continues to blame Christians.

The Global Council of India Christians has recorded at least 56 deaths thus far,
and the rights group believes the toll could cross 100. Hundreds of houses and
churches have also been burned or destroyed in the violence, forcing thousands
to hide in jungles or take shelter in relief camps set up by the state

Orissa is ruled by a coalition of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party
and the Biju Janata Dal party.

Christians make up 2.4 percent of Orissa’s population, or 897,861 of the total
36.7 million people.

Compass Direct

Please pray the Lord will intervene, may he bring peace.
Pray for those who have been forced to ‘reconvert’.
Pray those who are missing will be found.
Pray the Lord will frustrate the plans of the wicked.

Final India/Bhutan Update (Sept 2008 Trip)

September 12, 2008 Leave a comment
On my first trip to Calcutta in 1996, I was not prepared for the thousands of abandoned children that I saw living on the streets, ages 3 years old up. On this trip, we saw only a few and I was puzzled as to where they had gone.  One day, I noticed a caged truck passing our vehicle. It reminded me of the types of trucks that are used to pick up stray dogs. I was able to take this picture from our vehicle and then I knew. They were picking the kids up and God only knows where they were taking them. This picture breaks my heart and moves me to do something. Then I realized, we are doing something. We are addressing the core issues of this nation by teaching and equipping the Church in the necessity of renewing their personal relationship with Christ.  We are helping them to recapture a Biblical understanding of God’s view on marriage with a special emphasis on the roles of the husband and wife as it relates to the church and her witness (Salt and Light)  to the world. 
While it is important to help these orphaned children, they are but a symptom of the breakdown of the family and of the Church, the family of families. While my heart aches, I am moved with compassion and zeal to keep moving forward with our mission;  Godly Men, Godly Families, Godly Churches.
While Kevin and I prayed in a park in Delhi, these two brothers came up to us. I thought they wanted to take us shopping or wanted money. Well, the Lord taught me a lesson in prejudging someone. They were two pastors who had fled from Orissa State after having their homes burned and their lives threatened.
Brothers and Sisters, I cannot put into words the powerful work our Lord is doing through His Word and the Holy Spirit. Some of you have been with me and you have experience this firsthand.  I wish there was some tangible way I could convey to you the mighty work of God in Asia.  God is mightily working through those who are willing to honor Christ and get back to the basics of the simple Gospel and Biblical family renewal. We are sowing the Word of God and I DO NOT expect it to return void and yet, I must be careful.  If we work Bibically, we must measure it’s success in a Biblical manner and not a worldly one. Measuring Bibically can be very difficult especially considering that the harvest has not yet taken place. 
Thank you again for your prayers!
In Christ,
Tim & Kevin