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Cambodia Update 2

November 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Below is another excellent report by Paul. Just click on the below web site. The “indigenous conference” starts tomorrow (11/17) with representation from all the people groups in Cambodia uniting their efforts in reaching their country for our Savior. 

In Christ, Tim, Paul, Walt and Sherman

Here’s the latest from SE Asia, with this report emphasizing my return visit to the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum and the executioner’s dramatic change in his life:

Thanks for your prayers! The ministry work has started anew with a pastors conference here in Phnom Penh.

– Paul

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Checking In From Phnom Penh

November 16, 2008 Leave a comment

We have now arrived in Phnom Penh, Cambodia after a VERY fruitful ministry among church planters and key leaders in Myanmar. All the major people groups were represented at one of the two meetings. We presented the question, if the apostle Paul could reach all of Asia Minor in ten years, then, why has Burma not been reached in two hundred years. The Holy Spirit gave many insights and started a process of rethinking and change. Many positive testimonies were shared as the Lord used His Powerful Word in restoring His Bride back to a biblical model. 

Below are three reports from SE Asia that Paul posted. Thanks Paul!  Love, Tim, Sherman, Paul and Walt


I’ve posted three reports from SE Asia. I’m in Bangkok now and trying to get out as much as I can before I leave for Phnom Penh tomorrow. These posts are deliberately vague for reasons which should be obvious to everyone. Please use discretion in sharing with others and if linking or forwarding, make sure the degree of identification is kept at the level posted on this blog.

Here is the link to the main blog:

Posts in chronological order:

– Paul

Vietnam Update from November 3rd

November 9, 2008 Leave a comment


Brother “name removed to protect” has attached a picture of the newly revised Vietnamese Church Planting Manual now available with government approval. We will have the opportunity to introduce this new tool in North Vietnam in November. North Vietnam, technically all Vietnam, is a dry and thristy land with fields ripe for harvest. I wish it was possible for all of you to see firsthand the mighty movement of God in this strategic land. I was there off the coast of Vietnam in the sixties and now given the privilege to be a part of our Lord building His Church. Thanks for your prayers and trust as we travel on this exciting and unique journey with our Savior. 

Some have asked what is new and revised in the CPM. There are quite a few changes and additions. A couple of the most important additions are an emphasis on having a dynamic and intimate relationship with Christ, and building our lives and families on the authority and sufficiency of God’s Word. We have also added supplements on the what and the why of people groups.

Thanks again for your prayers for Sherman and Rosemary, Walt and Susan, Paul and Cheryl and Edith and myself as we start pulling out today for Thailand, Burma, Cambodia and Vietnam.

His Servant,