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As the result of a recent trip to S. E. Asia, God unveiled what He is doing in this region of the world.  Part of this was through the testimonies of key indigenous leaders who have worked through the Church Planting Manual and put into practice the living principles directly from God’s Word.  We will let these testimonies speak for themselves.  (They are unedited). Truly, God is glorifying Himself through His Living Word which is “powerful and sharp” (Hebrews 4:12).


I am Khapoi a workman of God living in Phamaitai Village. I have got a manual which helped me a lot to know God’s will and how to follow His command. “God’s Plan for Church Planting” is a useful book I have ever had. Since I have been through this manual, I found out that there are many principles that benefit me, my family and my ministry. The Bible shows me very clear God has a purpose and a plan for His children. I share lessons and things I learn and hear from God with my wife and my children. The Biblical role in the church family, personal, husband, wife, parents, and children are a perfect lesson we try to follow. I take lessons to teach members at the church and not so long I can see many changing.

My name is Khamsu, a workman of God from Akvana Church, the Hanber. Since year 2007, I have been learning how to serve the Lord effectively. I have participated in the training of God’s Plan for Church Planting many times. Through this training I have learn many useful and practical lessons which benefit the ministry of God. As I spent time went through the book, I learned technique of planting churches which are simple but effective and powerful according to the book of Acts. I can see many good example of Paul’s ministry he did and finished reaching Asia in 10 years. I also learned that he relied only on Holy Spirit and God’s Word. In order to be a successful church planter, I need to have a good personal relationship with Christ. Though I am very busy, I should never forget to give time in talking and listening to God. When I apply what I have learned into my life, not only me receive blessing from the Lord but also my wife, my family and the church family.

I am Thoanh from Phaitxai Church. Since year 2007, I have been learning on how to reach more people in my area and the whole country to Christ. God’s Plan for Church Planting is an effective manual I have got. Inside the book, there are many biblical lessons which are useful for me, my family and the family of God. One lesson I gain most is handling conflict. As a leader, I face many problems that happen among church member. Before, some problem couldn’t be solved because we did not deal in biblical way. Since I learn the steps of handling conflict then I use it carefully. I see those problems are solved properly.

I am Lavong from Tongon Village and district. I am thankful to God for opportunity to learn these wonderful lessons. I learned most from lesson “Personal.” While I was studying this lesson, I heard God’s voice that it’s never too long to spend time with Christ. The time Jesus gives to me is not limited but my time for God is limited. I realized that I have to give God what is right not what is left. I may be very busy of doing many things but I will not forget to have a quiet time with Christ. Let Jesus be the most important in life like Matthew 6:33. Both my wife and my children walk with Lord and serve Him. We protect our hearts and minds by the Word of God and we let God speak to us. For the church family are blessed through my life and my family. I take some lessons from God’s Plan for Church Planting and to teach to church members. They learn and apply to their lives. As a result, their lives are changed by the power of God’s Word. I can see that the church is getting stronger. Praise the Lord.

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