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Prayer Requests For Africa and India

Please pray as Tim will be traveling to Africa and India via Thailand. I will meet with a brother in Zambia where we will launch God’s Plan for Church Planting (GPCP) with several key leaders. Our brother in Zambia believes strongly that this is the time for a great awakening and renewal of His Bride in Zambia

Then I will travel to Delhi, India where we have just completed publishing #5000 copies of the Hindi GPCP. I will be working with Fregy in Delhi and North India where we will launch the Hindi GPCP in two locations. Then I will travel to South India, Chennai, to work with Lamech to launch the Telugu and Tamil GPCP. We are completely out of several languages in South India which I will evaluate while there.

Thank you again for your prayers which are absolutely vital to our fruitfulness and effectiveness for the glory of our Father and Savior!  Tim

Prayer Requests:
(1) The Holy Spirit to prepare all of us in the Word. These Church Planters will be encouraged in the sufficiency of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit to plant churches that honor and bring glory to Christ.
(2) Fruitfullness and wisdom and revival of His Bride
(3) For traveling mercies and health both there and here at home.
(4) Join us in thanking God for this opportunity to work with Him and His gracious provision.
(5) That we would decrease and Christ would increase in all that we say and do.


June 14, 2010 1 comment

Soknim and her family have returned to Cambodia.  The United Nations took them to Malaysia, after the court vindicated her attacker, and then left them without any assistance which forced them to return home, even though her life continues to be threatened.  Soknim is lives in fear, but the Lord has granted her peace. While we were there, a man with a gun was seen around their house.  She is doing well considering…….

Soknim traveled with us via bus from Cambodia to Vietnam to get a current evaluation of her eye, ear and neck.  She received a good report; her eye can be mostly corrected with glasses, her ear can be reconstructed and her neck can be repaired after she grows more skin for another skin graft.  Thank you for the prayers and funds you have provided for them.  I know that God is sovereign but I cannot help but wonder how this might have turned out without the prayers and support of the Body of Christ.  When we were with them, she sang “It Is Well With My Soul” at the Sunday meeting. We wanted to share this touching experience with you. you can see at:

MUCH FRUIT in Myanmar and Vietnam

Our hearts are bent in praise for what God is doing through God’s Plan for Church Planting manual.  Our one desire is that the Holy Spirit would take the supra-cultural principles of Scripture and translate them into His work in the cultures of these countries.  To give you an up-close sample of this fruit, we have included testimonies from the last mission’s trip.

Testimonies from Vietnam of the Power of God’s Word

We shared the circles of God’s order, Christ, marriage, family, church etc.  A young evangelist stood up and shared that God was convicting him of not spending time with and loving his wife. Since his wife was at this meeting, we asked him why not share face to face with his wife right there and then.  It was a beautiful sight to behold as he confessed to his wife and embraced her.

Here are more testimonies from Myanmar where we completed the entire GPCP manual

“I was pushing myself or promoting myself and now I am reducing myself.  I am now mentoring my wife and being accountable to her and family.  This new direction is making my ministry much more fruitful.”

“I had neglected my wife so I went back home and repented.”

“I am putting my family before my ministry and now they are becoming stronger along with the church. I have learned about servant leadership and now people are growing and serving together.  It used to be only me serving and teaching.”

“This type teaching is different from anything I have ever been taught.  It is practical and I realize that we need the Holy Spirit’s power.  I now involve my wife and children in the ministry.  We have 7 cell groups or house churches since studying GPCP.”

“Now I can train key leaders who are poor and cannot afford to go to seminary.”

“I am teaching GPCP and now our church is planting other churches.”

“Now I have learned that I can do God’s work and plant churches without money.  GPCP is simple and practical.”

“I am ministering to family first so that our testimony will be strong to world.”  This brother stood up and confessed his lack of servant leadership and his need to minister to the family!

“I thank God for this training.  I used to be quick tempered particularly with my wife and family but now our marriage is better.  Now I realize how important marriage is in church planting.   We are not fighting like we use to.”