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Latest News On Ya Soknim

October 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Dear friends,

I just wanted to share this link with you regarding our dear sister in Christ, Ya Soknim.  While it seems the justice system is moving slowly, at least it is moving.

Encouragement From Mpika, Zambia

October 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Dear brethren in the Lord,
Gracious greetings in the name of our precious Lord Jesus Christ.

It gives  me much pleasure to share with you what the Holy Spirit is continuing to do in the church of Christ here in this part of Zambia, Mpika. The first the attendance was 10 in number minus brother Tim.
1.The first workshop with Tim.
During this first session of the introduction of the God’s Plan for Church Planting Tim covered some parts of the manual with power of the Holy Spirit which convicted us for not following  what the scriptures say about the church Christ said he was going to build. The  scriptures plainly guides how the church should be but we missed the biblical principals and instead applied western ways and our traditions. Acts 10:38 tells us  “How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power….” and Jesus told his disciples that “You shall receive power after that the Holy Spirit is come upon you…..” ( Acts 1:8 ). We also looked at the  leaders of the new church where the bible says they were full of the Holy Spirit, faith, committed, united, prayerful, devoted to the word of God etc. It was so sad to find that most of what l have mentioned is not found in the churches especially  in our leaders even  power of God does not accompany our preaching.
We humbly submited ourselves to God in true repentance asking God to forgive us for overlooking the scriptures. We asked the Holy Spirit to start working in us first, then our families and then in the lives of our leaders and lastly the churches. I would like to confess that when we did this the Lord gave us his grace and forgave us. Things started to happen here at our church for the first time we exprienced the power of God working in the church after we taught many members were delivered, set free from evil spirits, healed and saved. News of this change spread in Mpika and new members started coming in the church. We went to Muwele, for you who know the place you will be able to imagine that place. People were set free and a woman who had problem with her legs was delivered and started walking, one woman brought some charm and was released. Muwele was on fire and people from the villages started to come and as a result we could not meet in the church intead we started meeting outside.
2. The second session with Pastor Sherman.
Because of the firm of the first meeting we could not avoid other pastors and women to come and participate. This time we were 21 participants excluding brother Sherman.
What can you expect as you look to the first meeting? Abundant grace eh. Yes, our God is so gracious and merciful. From the word go the brother shared with us from 1Thess 1:2-7 and part of chapter 3. He spoke about  Preaching the Gospel with Power, with the Holy Spirit and Deep Conviction then he said the word of God is sufficent by itself. He finally asked us to imitate Christ.. On the second day he told us that our Diploma was Jesus Christ and also spoke about humility and accept who we are because of the grace of God just as our brother Sherman has accepted who he is by God’s grace.
We went through the rest of the lessons with convictions as we realized our failures and mistakes. The challenge is to consider our measure of our sucess by how many churches we will live behind that will be the churches Jesus said he will build. Sherman is really also a man of God who is full of the Holy Spirit. May l tell you that our crusade is still on and we are so glad that we still feel that anointing and the zeal for the work of God. We will continue to walk in our testmonies by the grace of God and continue to teach this back to the sriptures. The close of the workshop was so colourful when certificates were given to the first participants.
Tim and Sherman your work is not over remember your teachings how Paul and his team were doing, going back to strengthen and encourage the brethren and the churches. We need you so much men of God. God has put this teaching of GPCP on your hearts for the great purpose in this last days.
May conclude by thanking all of you who have been praying for us and the two brother Tim and Sherman and thanyou so much fot the financial support for this workshop to take on. God indeed bless you richly. Please continue praying for Disciple Making Ministry as we need to reach the churches with this revival teachings to all the churches in Zambia and Congo DR. Pray for me and my family even as we put everything into practice.